- The Prototype


The general idea of this Runabout is to keep maintainance limmited and make it look classic at the same time. That is why we chose to make the hull of high quallity aluminium, combined with a mahogany deck and carpentry. Powered by a modern, economical engine, and with classical details like a big, car-like, steeringwheel. Gear and throttle seperated, posititoned right under the steeringwheel . This proto-type has also a built-in toilet, and a 36 liter drawer-fridge.

The result is the "Silverback Runabout", a sturdy classic and modern boat. We started building the first one on februari 17. 2006 and it was launched for its first test-drive on the forth of november 2006. The test-drive learned us that the engine we put in ( 65 hp,4000 rpm, 1.9 liter volkswagen diesel engine), was not powerfull enough, though it reached a respectable 30 km/h. So in the winter of 2007 we put in a Volvo Penta D3 130 hp, also 4000 rpm, but with a 1.55 :1 gearbox. As a result we can reach a speed of 47 km/h (26 knots), which is a speed you expect from a model like this. Because this boat is a glider, unlike a normal speedboat, it has a fantastic rpm/speed curve, one straight upgoing line. The boat stays perfect horizontal. It also is well manouverable at low speed.



  • Built in aluminium, almg 4.5(saltwaterproof) 4mm
  • Mahogany deck and details
  • Length: 7.50m/ 25feet, width: 2.0m/ 6.5feet
  • Speed: 47km/h /26 knots
  • Engine: Volvo Penta D3 130 hp, common rail turbo-diesel, low emission
  • EVC, Electronic Vessel Controll (volvo penta)
  • Thru hull transducer (speed depth and outside water temperature)
  • Startset/ lightset seperate bateries
  • Total weight: 1500kg
  • Fuel: 128 liter diesel
  • Drinking-water: 40liter (optional)
  • Hull-finnish: polished or painted. (prototype is polished)
  • Hydrolic 1.55:1 gearbox
  • 5 Comfortable seats
  • Original Hacker-Craft bowlight
  • Self-draining floor
  • Lots of storageplace
  • Electrical toilet, fridge36 liters. (optinal)
  • Radio/cd/mp3 (optional)
  • Propellor is reachable from the inside.
  • Epoxy underwater system with antifowling
  • Raincover: bisonyl